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About Us

Olympia Group’s journey began in 1997....

Jonah Bruck and Lennie Weiss would meet and go through lists of 1,000+ nursing facilities,  which they wanted to pursue, in order to enter the skilled nursing home industry. This lead to countless meetings and networking opportunities, until they were successful in their pursuit, which started with one facility in Lake Bluff, IL.


Over the course of 20+ years, Olympia Group has owned and operated skilled nursing facilities in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. They were one of the largest providers in the state of Michigan, as well as the largest provider in the Detroit metropolitan area. Olympia Group’s facilities were also recognized for many outstanding achievement awards for quality care, both regionally and nationally.


During their tenure, the Governor of Michigan, U.S. Congressmen, Mayor of Detroit, and local city and state officials visited their facilities, describing them as the “role model” of what facilities should be, both clinically and environmentally.


Olympia Group’s motto has always been “exceeding expectations” and we’re proud of our achievements, including our 90%+ satisfaction from over 2000+ patients.


With more than 2,200 employees, Olympia Group has always maintained a warm and friendly environment and strived to make each person feel apart of our “Olympia Family.” Throughout the years, many of our employees have maintained the relationships they’ve built with our company, because of the camaraderie established during these 20+ years.


With revenues exceeding $150,000,000 annually, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years—for our employees, our families, but most importantly: our patients.

In addition to Olympia Group, entrepreneurs Jonah Bruck and Leonard Weiss also run the successful property investment company, Diamond Rock Properties & Investments. While Olympia Group has managed skilled care facilities for over 21 years, Diamond Rock Properties & Investments is the investment arm that has holdings throughout America.

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